PostHeaderIcon Chocolate Latte Recipe; Chocolate Chunk Cookie Latte Recipe

Chocolate Chunk Cookie Latte Recipe

2 Shots Espresso
1 1/4 oz Monin Chocolate Chip Cookie
Steamed Milk

Add espresso and Monin Flavoring Syrups Chocolate Chip Cookie to cup and stir well.
Fill with steamed milk.

Top with whipped cream and chocolate chip morsels.

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PostHeaderIcon Caramel Apple Latte Recipe; Fall Latte Recipe

Fall Seasonal Latte Recipe

Caramel Apple Latte Recipe
2 Shots illy Espresso
1 1/4 oz. Monin Flavoring Syrup; Monin Caramell Apple Flavoring Syrup
Steamed Milk

Add espresso and Monin Caramel Apple to cup and stir well.
Fill with steamed milk.
Top with whipped cream and a drizzle of Monin Caramel Sauce

If Monin Caramel Apple is not available, proportionatly combine Monin Apple
and Monin Caramel syrups for substituion

PostHeaderIcon High Caffeine Coffee & Shock Coffee, High Energy Drink

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  • Shock-A-Cino Hyper Caffeinated Instant Powdered Cappuccino

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PostHeaderIcon Espresso Drink Recipes; Hot Espresso Drinks


 Gourmet Coffees, Teas, Chocolates

The classic espresso recipe: a single shot of espresso, approximately 1-1/2 ounces. Best served in a pre-heated espresso cup.

Espresso Dopio (Double Espresso)
Double the quantity of espresso to about 3 ounces for double the pleasure. Typically served in a cappuccino cup.

Espresso con Panna
A single or double espresso shot topped with whipped cream.

Espresso Macchiato
A single shot of espresso topped with 1-2 tablespoons of frothed milk.

Espresso Romano
A single shot of espresso topped with fresh lemon peel. This is not a traditional Italian recipe, but often served in the US.

Caffe Americano

Espresso diluted with hot water to drip coffee strength.

Spicy Viennese Espresso
Mix a double-shot of espresso, 1/2 t cinnamon, 4 ground cloves and 1/2 t allspice. Top with whipped cream
Typically 1/3 part espresso to 2/3 part frothed milk in a 5 ounce cappuccino cup, then top the Cappuccino with foam from the frothed milk. Cappuccino can be garnished with a light sprinkle of ground chocolate, cocoa powder, cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla powder.
Caffe Latte
Referred to by the French as Cafe au Lait and the Spanish as Cafe con Leche. A double-shot of espresso (about 3 ounces) mixed with about 5 ounces of steamed milk. Usually little or no foam is added to the top. Serve in a large 9 ounce bowl-shaped heavy cup.
Mocha Cappuccino
Mix 1/3 part espresso to 2/3 part steamed milk, after dissolving cocoa or chocolate syrup with the milk to taste.


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