Introducing TasteBook. The Cookbook Remixed. Create Your Own Cookbook.
Your Own Personalized Cookbook – Custom Cookbook For Family Recipes Makes A Great Bridal Shower Gift.

Tastebook. Ultimate Culinary gift.



Launched October 24th, 2007 – TasteBook is the only place on the web where food and cooking enthusiasts can create personal hardcover cookbooks, organize all their online recipes, and share favorite recipes with friends.

Create a personal cookbook with all your family’s favorite recipes

“The recipes we collect are expressions of our individual tastes and cultures,” said Kamran Mohsenin, CEO and founder of TasteBook. “That’s what TasteBook is all about—creating personal cookbooks that celebrate, savor, and honor those traditions.”

At launch, you will be able to search more than 25,000 recipes from as well as premixed TasteBooks created by top cookbook authors and Epicurious editors. Coming next year, TasteBook visitors will be able to access recipes from other popular websites as well; No matter which online recipe service you prefer, you’ll always find the best recipes available anywhere on TasteBook.

With TasteBook’s simple drag-and-drop interface, making a personal cookbook is as easy as creating a “playlist” for your recipes. Complete with customized covers, each personal cookbook is a unique gift for the holidays or any occasion—from bridal showers and family reunions to Mother’s Day—and includes:


100 recipes: Order them all at once or in batches. It’s easy to add more pages anytime.

Custom covers: Choose a beautiful cover image and edit the title of your cookbook.

Cooking notes: Add helpful hints, cooking tips, and personal notes to any recipe.

Colored tabs: Organize your recipes any way you want with ten tabbed chapters.

The perfect gift: Create one for bridal showers, family reunions, and holidays.

Tastebook. Itunes for recipes.